1933 Apr     the commencement of an enterprise as named “MATSUYA SHOTEN”
1948 Decchange to corporatio capital stock Yen195,000- location: 307 Habu Iwakkuni
1956 Febcapital stock JPY1,695,000- 1959 May change the name of companyto Matsuya Sangyo Co., Ltd.
1960 Junchange the location of company to present location
1962 Aprcapital stock JPY2,034,000-
1964 Augcapital stock JPY6,000,000-
1967 Febcapital stock JPY12,000,000-
1967 Maropen Hiroshima branch office
1968 Cotopen a plant of Ready Mixed Concrete
1970 Augthe plant of concrete developed JIS plant
1976 Maropen Otake branch office
1976 Aprcapital stock JPY24,000,000-
1977 Mayopen new plant of Ready Mixed Concrete (Super-beton) JIS Plant
1980 Deccapital stock JPY35,000,000-
1981 SepIntroduce computer (Office and Engineer section)
1985 AprEstablish MCC
1985 Aprcapital stock JPY40,000,000-
1988 Julcapital stock JPY48,000,000-
1989 Decdevelop the Multi-trailog (jointdevelopement)
1990 Jandevelope the Air-veter (joint developement)
1990 Augdevelop the work mwthod of forming concrete block (patent applied for)
1991 Aprdevelop the pop-up message card,made by CAD & CAM
1991 MayEstablish Matsuya Research Center Co.,Ltd.
1991 Julcapital stock JPY50,000,000-
1991 Octdevelop two stage solid parking apparatus (patent applied for) (Most safe and c heap in Japan as of Nov. 1991)
1991 Novdevelop new formative method by resin form and resin net (Patent applied for)
1993 Decdevelop the HEARTLIFT (patent appliedfor)
1994 Aprdevelop the SSB (nominated for most noticed invention)
1995 Febdevelop the MEPICA (patent applied in Japan and U.S.A.)
1995 Augauthorized as a creative minor enterprise
1996 Marestablish AROPLUS cooperation
1996 Sep(KINTAI-KYO MUSEUM) YAMAGUCHI FUTURE Design Award Contest ’96
1997 FebSelected for 4th Mellow prize
1998 NovThe foundation the 50th anniversary commemoration event holding
1999 Sepdevelop a utensil for care CULUC 
1999 Octdevelop the Y Jet
2000 Aprdevelop the IITH
2002 Mardevelop the hearing aid system
2002 Mardevelop the YURARI
2003 AprNew Super Beton plant started operation
2009 AprFresh concrete quality control system compliant with the new JIS was introduced.
2015 MarHead office moved to 3-112-10 Tada, Iwakuni-shi
2016 FebLeased the former site of MURONOKI Head Office on a fixed-term land lease basis Opened Drug Cosmos MURONOKI Store 
2018 JulFresh concrete production and transportation consigned to Iwakuni Concrete Co.,LTD. 
2022 MayLeased the former site of Tada Plant under a fixed-term land lease NISHIO RENT ALL Co.,LTD. 
 2023 December A Study on the Arch Design of the Kintai Bridge
Transactions of the Architectural Institute of Japan, Co-author (Elucidation of the Kintai Bridge Arch Design Method).

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