Commentary on “YUTORI”

Our company aim at affluence human society, abundant earth, and comfortable life, etc. We define it to try to realize the “YUTORI” which means abundance, affluence, comfortable, surplus and son on. It is our right to live comfortably with richness we call “YUTORI”.

Everybody has some experience that they had been absorbed in playing at their infancy. From the playing, we learned to decide the matter, and any kind matter and system has been created. Abundance will be created from above mentioned process of thinking. What a wonderful thing we could act with play sense.

However, the play itself has the limitation. To search for abundance, we have to see through reason and truth of matter. It mean a physical property, a biological truth, a mathematical theorem or variously.

Without the law of matter, we cannot have comfortable life. As another way to search for abundance, we define the truth we call “RI”.

We recommend that we can have real abundance with “YU” and “RI”.

“YUTORI” is our aim and its way. That is our business policy.